The Grandmasters

Mr. Chen Zhenglei   chinese name
Taiji Master from Chen Family. Vice-chair of Henan Martial Arts Association, Coach for Chinese National Martial Arts Team. Member of the Chinese Martial Arts Committee. One of the Top Ten Martial Arts Masters in Modern China.
Mr. Yang Zhenduo  chinese name
Taiji Master from Yang Family. Son of Yang Chengfu and great-grandson of Yang Luchan, the founder of Yang Taiji. Vice-chair of Shanxi Martial Arts Association, President of Board of Directors of the International Yang Taiji Association. Member of the top 100 in Chinese Martial Arts Circles. Honorary Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, 1986.
Mr. Wu Wenhan  chinese name
Taiji Master from Wu Family. Honorary President of Handan Taiji Association, Hebei Province. Honorary President of North American Wu (Hao) Taiji Union. Winner of "Meritorious Cup" of Chinese Yongnian International Taiji Friendship Association, 2002.
Mr. Eddie Wu Kwong Yu   chinese name
Head of Wu Family and Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. 5th generation direct descendant of the Wu Family. President and CEO of the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation. Director and vice-president of the Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations, Member of the Canadian Olympic Committee.
Mr. Sun Yongtian  chinese name 
Taiji Master from Sun Family. The 3rd Sect Head of Sun Taiji. Vice-chair of Beijing Martial Arts Association. Standing Vice-president of Sun Taiji Research Institute. Permanent Honorary President of American and Hongkong Sun Taiji Research Institute.
Mr. Zeng Nailiang  chinese name 
National Level Martial Arts Coach. Vice-chair of Fujian Martial Arts Association. His students Gao Jiamin and Chen Sitan are Champions in Chinese National, , Asian and World Martial Arts Championships. He was awarded "Experts of Outstanding Contributions" in 1993, and in recognition of which, he now enjoys a special subsidy from the government.
Mr. Ma Hailong  
Taiji Master from Wu Family. His grandfather Wu Jingquan and mother Wu Ronghua and father Ma Yueliang are well-known Taijji Masters in China. He is President of Shanghai Jianquan Taiji Organization.